Lean Manufacturing Practices

Improved Flow Of Value With Customer

  • Have improved the flow of value through the
    procurement process by focusing on
    customer partnering
  • Robust processes giving high quality product
  • Returnable/reusable packaging
  • Supplier-managed inventory
  • Corporate purchasing cards
  • Joint value stream activities
  • Consignment programs
  • Single source supplier
  • Long term agreements
  • Commodity manager
  • Kanban restocking
  • JIT deliveries
  • Dock to stock - no incoming inspection
  • Returnable totes

Continuous Improvement incorporating Lean Manufacturing is our operating philosophy. Strategically we look at how to increase the value of doing business with us in such areas as the delivery process to the customer while determining how much flexibility is in such a process to meet changing needs.

Joint  value stream ventures as well as Kaizen events are routinely held to achieve incremental improvements.

Lean Manufacturing

Lean Manufacturing is centered on preserving value with less work. It's base on optimizing flow and increasing efficiency. Our plant layout is designed with lean in mind. Flexible manufacturing cell layouts are continually updated to integrate upgraded technology. From operating 24/7's with Lights Out operations for 12 of the 24 hours to KANBAN systems for raw material to JIT deliveries using returnable totes, we have the experience to prove Lean works. Non-value added tasks are continually being eliminated through the use of Visual systems, Standard Work Instructions, Mistake Proofing, Waste Elimination, and more.

Your quality and delivery requirements are kept in mind. Flexibility of our manufacturing cells and level loading of our machines along with daily pull signals from you and customized delivery systems, have allowed us to pass on savings derived from our lean practices to you, the customer.

Custom Manufactured 
Plastic PartsOur floor Producers are empowered to make decisions, which makes our production process smoother. This translates into more value for you and us - giving each of us a more competitive product. Our lean manufacturing plant gives you a new experience with manufacturing.

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