Mold Design and Engineering

Concurrent and early involvement engineering - it's a philosophy we embrace throughout all our work. Our engineers work alongside designers and your engineers from the earliest stage of your project through its finalization. Costly added trials and revisions are thus eliminated. Working hand-in-hand, we look at the design from a cost to manufacture perspective. Material recommendations are based on cost and application - We have the capacity to produce from existing "Build-To Print" molds and drawings, to provide redesign assistance to improve quality and/or reduce costs before production or to assist you with new molds. Web conferencing design review is available for customers who find a need for this.
Mold Flow, Prototypes, and SLA's are all part of the process.

We find innovative solutions to solve your product needs. Working with our partners, design changes are communicated electronically. We can provide molds manufactured both domestically and offshore from our Low Cost Regions (LCR) partners. We balance the ease of manufacturing a mold with the difficulty in molding a part.

Working hand in hand with our customers, we recommend the right size tooling/cavitation to match the molding presses configuration and size.

For transferred molds, our engineers talk with customers about our findings after trialing the molds in the molding presses to ensure there are no surprises.

Our mold maintenance and storage areas 

Project Management Support

  • 3D Model creation
  • 2D Drawing Creation
  • Mold Design, mold flow, mold construction
  • Mold Trials
  • First Article
  • Prototype SLA's
  • Prototype Molding
  • Design Iteration
  • R&D Work
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