Plant and Injection Molding Equipment

Quality DepartmentOur plant is climate controlled reducing the variation in temperatures and humidity that can affect the molding conditions. Manufacturing cells are configured to support lights out operations and the special needs of our customers including a dedicated clean environment with its own dedicated equipment. Semi-automatic operations are contained in their own environment. The mechanical infrastructure for supporting plant operations is designed with redundant equipment to minimize any down time. Our 26,000 facility high bay facility has sprinklers and fire alarms throughout. We give you the environment you want to optimize your quality requirements.

Machinery and Equipment

Our Clean Environment has among other machines a 20 ton Nissei hydraulic pressAs with any state-of-the-art operation, we make every effort to keep our press and auxiliary equipment technology up to date through reinvestment in equipment. Machines are sized to the jobs to maximize processing efficiency microprocessor control systems monitor and maintain stability for the jobs. Our sizes range from 7 ½ tons to 240 tons of hydraulic and electric presses. We use Nissei presses for reliability. Familiarity with one brand reduces the risk of error and is essential to running cost efficient production. Shot sizes range from .6 to 16 oz on our 32 presses which include horizontal as well as vertical presses. We use automated raw material and loading systems, calibrated automated color feeders for jobs requiring color, box filling systems, automated runner reuse systems automatically feed reground raw material to the press and 3 axis robots to pick and place.


Using Tracker as our production monitoring system allows us to monitor problems immediately. It is run over our internal network, and tracks counts, cycle time, efficiency and down time by shift.

Automated raw material, additive and color loading systems

Recipes are stored within the equipment. When selected, a recipe allows our system of the combined materials to be automatically mixed at the correct proportions. Color variations are non-existent, giving you uniform looking parts. Changeover for color or additives is relatively effortless, reducing downtime. For jobs requiring material only, we use loading systems mounted on our machines that are not only reliable, easy, safe and efficient, but provide even and regular output.

Central Chiller System

Used to cool the process machinery, all are connected to a redundant pumping system. The system cools the hot plastic and the hydraulics of the machinery to help save energy and the wear and tear of the machine itself.

Renewable Energy Source

As part of our commitment to be environmentally friendly, we have contracted with our power company to use wind power as the supply for our energy.

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